Transfer from Kuşadası to Izmir Airport (or Istanbul).
Flight from Izmir Airport (or Istanbul) to Kayseri Airport.
Transfer from Kayseri Airport to Hotel in Cappadocia.
Stay Overnight.

After Breakfast full day Cappadocia Red Tour:

Uçhisar Castle:
Many rooms hollowed out into the rock are connected to each other with stairs,tunnels and passages. At the entrances of the rooms, there are millstone doors, just like the ones in the underground settlements, used to control access tothese places.

Göreme Open Air Museum:
Göreme Open Air Museum ( member of UNESCO World Heritage ) contains the finest of therock-cut churches, (belong to the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries) with beautiful frescoes and the colors still retain all their original freshness.

Çavuşin Village:
The Fairy Chimneys looks like mushrooms. Amazing Churhes , Christian’s History , Greek Civilization ‘s History

Monks Valley (Paşabağları):
The mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys with twin and even triple rock caps are very unique even for Cappadocia.
Devrent Valley:
Devrent Valley is famous for its unique landscape. there are many animal shaped rocks and the most famous is the camel one.

Avanos (Pottery):
After tour back to hotel and stay overnight.
After the breakfast full day Cappadocia Tour (Green Tour)

Ihlara Valley:
Ihlara Valley was formed by the volcanic actions of Mt. Hasan, next to Ihlara Valley.  Melendiz River eroded the valley for millions of years besides the layers cracked and fell down. Eventually, 80 meter deep canyon were composed. The whole valley is 14 km. length. In the past, generally Christians lived in the several parts of the Valley; also they carved churches and painted them.

Derinkuyu Underground City:
Derinkuyu is the deepest underground city in the Cappadocia region.

Selime Monastery:
At first look, the monastery looks like a castle, but shelters, churches, chapels,bedrooms, storages and big cathedral proves us its being a monastery. You get information about the monastic life in Cappadocia

Pigeon Valley:
Pigeons will meet you on the top of the valley. Pigeons have always been important for Cappadocian people. Their eggs and droppings were used for different purposes.For this reason, local people carved houses for them to the slopes of valley.You will see the reason why people call them houses, when you see them.

Göreme Panorama:
Panoramic view of Göreme, you get information about history, formation of Cappadocia while watching the fairy chimneys. Free time for photograph.

After tour back to hotel and take luggages then drive to Kayseri Airport take flight and back to Izmir (or Istanbul).
Arrive to Izmir (or Istanbul) and transfer to hotel.



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