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Booking a  holiday this year? Then do your homework to avoid nasty surprises when you arrive. Bypassing the travel agent could save you hundreds of pounds– but only if you know what problems to look out for. “A lot of people are looking to cut costs and book flightsand hotels themselves, but there are pitfalls to be aware of, says travelexpert . There’s no point saving a few pounds if you spend the holiday worriedthe kids will fall in the unfenced pool, or you can’t sleep because there’s a nightclubnext door to the hotel or Holiday Homes Rental. It’s important to be careful of scams. “Use reputable sitesto book hotels, Holiday Homes, or phone up the hotelor Holiday Home. Here are the main issues to be on the look-out for… Flights Be careful when typing in passengers’ names when bookingonline. “If you mistype a name and it doesn’t match your passport, you mightnot be allowed to fly. “You might have to pay an admin charge to change it, or evenhave to re-book and pay again “If your pass…


Classic West Turkey  We specialize in private, customized tours, creatingtailor-made itineraries for our guests. We will respond to your initial inquiry as soon as we receive it, andwill be in constant touch with you as we organize your holiday, always attentive to your expectations and needs. We pride ourselves on showing each of our guests the real Turkey,providing authentic insights into Turkish culture, history, and the lives ofthe Turkish people.  Our trips are alwaysfilled with unforgettable moments, little surprises, and local touches.  While you’re here, we will attend to everydetail of your journey, providing warm, friendly, and professional service throughout. Our behind-the-scenes staff will make your trip effortless, and theenthusiasm of our guides is simply contagious. You should find our sampleitineraries at below, please click to check them. Regards. Day 1: Arrival On your arrival you will be greeted by our representativeand transferred to your hotel. Day 2: Istanbul W…