horseridingpushkar.jpgDay Trip with a Horse to the Mountain sand to the Beach, Horse Safari with Guide
sun_smallHorse Safari is an unique, unforgettable adventure. It starts around 9 a.m. and you ride first along the mountain road towards Ephesus. The route then continues to the beach of Pamucak. Once here you can ride the horses in the sea. On the beach you are able to gallop, swim or just sun bath and relax.
The guests will be picked up from their hotels around 9:00 am and dropped at our Laren Safari Park in Arvalya (between Kuşadası and Selçuk)around 10:15am. At this point, professional guides will give brief information about the tour, the horses and the surrounding areas.
The tour guide will pick an appropriate horse for each guest and takes them for a brief ride to make sure the guest is comfortable riding.The tour starts from Arvalya with the guide leading and it follows a trail surrounded by pine trees. The first half of the tour ends at the beach where the guests have a chance to swim with the horses or gallop on the beach.
The guests may prefer to just swim and tan at the beach. After an hour at the beach, the guests ride back to the Safari Park and have lunch. After a brief feedback session about the tour, the guests are dropped off to their hotels around 2:30pm



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