Did you know the Monalisa mosaics in Turkey?
Zeugma is the biggest mosaic museum in the world where the world famous mosaic of the gypsy girl lives.So whats the story of the Zeugma museum?Lets find out.
2000 years ago people used to build temporary bridges by attaching both to each other to cross the mightly Euphrates River.The ancient city of Zeugma was named after such a bridge,Zeugma was a crossroad between eastern and western civilization as it was the city of strategic importance.
Zeugma was rich and cosmopolitan city,culturaly speaking;its a mosaic itself.Wealthies people lived in terrace villas and decoreted them with amazing mozaics.Some of these villas were excavationed and rebuild here.Peace by peace,stone by stone,column by column.Currently there are 2250 square meters of mosaics in the museum.Their photographs giving us a glimpse into antique life habits and personal taste.Discover all this and more in Turkey!

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