Spice Bazaar:                                     
This covered market is an                          
attractive L-shaped building to                  Dolmabahce Palace:
the southwest of the Yeni Cami.                This area was originally the bay
Its English name survives from                 where the navy anchored in the
the time when the market                          early periods when the Ottomans
specialized in the sale of spices                 conquered Istanbul. Between
and herbs, as well as medicinal                 1611-1614, this bay had been
plants and drugs.                                        Filled in and a timber building with
                                                                   a large garden called “ the Besiktas
Boat Cruise on Bosphor:                         Palace” had been built with the
The Bosphor weaterway between              order of Sultan Ahmet I. The land
two continents is beautiful at any              of the Besiktas Palace, which had
time, da yor night in any season.               become completely useless due to
On the way to the Black Sea, you             a fire, was chosen as the site of the
can see the finest and richest                     new palace by Sultan Abdulmecit
examples of the Ottoman houses          I,  since it was by the sea side and
and palaces on the shores.                         close to the city center.

Rumeli fortress:                                           Bosphor Bridge:
In 1452, Mehmet II prepared to                    Unique chance to step from one
besiege Constantinople by                            continent (Europe) to the another
constructing a fortress at Rumeli                  (Asia) within few minutes. The
Hisari. It took less than four                          Ataturk Bridge carries 200.000
months to build, thanks to 3000                    vehicles and 600.000 people a
laborers and master masons                          day. It is the 4th longest
assigned to the task. Its                                 suspension bridges in the Europe
crenellated walls and round                          and 7th in the world.
towers are popular with
photographers and what you see                   Camlica Hill:
from the top of the walls is one                     Camlica Hill is one of the highest
of the nicest view of the                                 point of the Bosphor and Istanbul.
Bosphor.                                                         The Camlica Hill has a wonderful
                                                                        panorama including the Sea of
                                                                        Marmara, the Bosphor, Historical
                                                                        Peninsula and islands.


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